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Judgment Day Monthly Offer


We will one day have to give an account of ourselves before God to see what the real motive of our heart was when we did deeds to bring glory to the name of the Lord Jesus. Also, we will give account of how used our time on this earth walking as children of Light.

With your gift of support to The Encouraging Word, you will receive this month’s offer, Judgment Day: Standing Before God, a 6-message set on 3 CDs: Understanding Judgment, Great White Throne Judgment, The Judgment Seat of Christ, The Judgment Seat of God, The Judgment Seat and The Judgment Seat of Christ Conclusion.

Additionally, you will receive the book, “The Handwriting on the Wall” by Dr. David Jeremiah. You will be blessed as you read and discover Bible prophesies in the book of Daniel. These timely ministry resources will also be a blessing to your friends and family.

The Handwriting on the Wall

Softcover | 256 Pages | Dr. David Jeremiah | Limited Time

The Ultimate Sacrifice

Don Wilton | CD 💿 | 6-Message Series

Messages On Demand