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Free Indeed and 31 Days of Prayer for My Nation


With your gift of support this month to The Encouraging Word, I will send you a copy of my message, Free Indeed along with the book 31 Days of Prayer for My Nation. Both of these resources will encourage you to celebrate the values that seem to be lost in our great nation. You will experience the heart of Jesus for our nation and you will learn how to intercede for our nation.

As we prepare to celebrate Independence Day, I want to encourage you to join with believers all across the United States of America to pray for our nation. We need Jesus! Our nation needs Jesus! Jesus Christ is the Savior of the world. Request your copies of Free Indeed and 31 Days of Prayer for My Nation today! Thank you for your loyal support of The Encouraging Word! – Dr. Don Wilton

Free Indeed

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31 Days of Prayer for My Nation

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The Encouraging Word is a listener and viewer supported broadcast ministry. Our purpose is to glorify God by teaching and preaching the message of Christ to all, so that people become active followers of Jesus and connect to a local Christian church. Our radio and broadcast network has the opportunity to reach over 60 million households in all states. Our live 24-Hour toll free confidential prayer line and salvation ministry has received over 51,000 calls from people in need of encouragement and prayers.

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Meet John Faris!

We would like to introduce you to one of our board members, Mr. John Faris. John has served on The Encouraging Word board since January 2005. He is an avid hunter and fisherman.

John has written three books, all stories of his outdoor adventures. You will find these stories an enjoyable and easy read. You can read exceprts of the books and order by clicking on the link below. Orders will be processed and shipped by

All proceeds are donated to The Encouraging Word!

“The writing of John Faris exudes reality, seizes the reader’s heart, and takes us delightfully to fields and waters of dreams. This is relaxed literature on the outdoors in the vein of Babcock, Rutledge, and Ruark in his ‘Old Man’ pieces.”

Jim Casada, Renowned Author, Sporting Classics Magazine Editor-at-Large and Book Columnist