“I want to personally invite you to join me by becoming a part of this ministry today.”

–Dr. Don Wilton

Partner with us

Become A Ministry Partner Today

Encouragers are ministry partners united in the understanding that:

  • Jesus Christ is the only answer to problems we are facing
  • There is a desperate need to broadcast Christian messages on television and on other media platforms
  • They are proactive in sharing ministry resources with their family and community
  • Their financial commitment to The Encouraging Word is helping to make an impact in lives around the world for all eternity

The Encouraging Word is a viewer and listener supported ministry. We exist to “share God’s truth with a searching world” through the powerful ministry tools of broadcast television, radio, internet, social media, and mail.

We are delivering the Gospel of Jesus Christ with you and for you to others. We are on a mission and will not compromise or stop sharing God’s Truth.

The Urgency

We are just one generation away! The spiritual climate in America is not good. Intolerance toward Christianity is rising.

As the world continues to celebrate sin, many people are lost–dying unsaved and multitudes are very discouraged. There is a massive breakdown in absolute truth in America. The Bible is viewed through the lens of science and human reasoning.

We are living in a time when

  • Church is no longer appealing
  • Holding face-to-face conversations is no longer engaging
  • Reading the Bible is no longer desirable
  • Many feel that God is no longer relevant

People are searching for something that only Jesus can give. Respond to the world by standing up for righteousness. Will you join us to reach them?


To reach all people for Christ by all means possible.


God’s Word as absolute truth. The local New Testament church. The souls of all people.


Sharing God’s Truth with a searching world.


“Your most recent letter was almost like I could hear your voice as I read it. I received a blessing while reading the letter. You must have added some anointing ink on the paper. My wife and I enjoy your Sunday morning services that we’re able to get across the air waves. Satellite services are a gift of God.”

–Jerry and Joyce, Michigan