Day after day we are able to broadcast the message of Jesus Christ and the hope that He brings. Each week a new broadcast is available nationally and internationally. We want you to be able to watch The Encouraging Word comfortably in your living room or at a friend’s house.


The Encouraging Word transmits over 50 broadcasts on nearly 15 stations across the nation. This media is an integral part in helping the ministry accomplish it’s purpose – to share God’s truth in a searching world, and to equip people to change the world through Christ.

On Demand

Our library of online content is a convenient way to enjoy Dr. Wilton’s messages directly from the comfort of your own home, on the road, and on any accessible device. Watch and enjoy messages today with just one click!


Nationally broadcast podcasts are available in both audio and video formats, as well as in a monthly or daily offering. Enjoy a collection of over 400 sermons, readily available in this portable, user-friendly format.