Abraham Believed God

Sep 16, 2018

Abraham from the Old Testament was a dedicated follower of God. When God told Abraham to go, Abraham went. Learn more about this devout believer of God in this teaching from Dr. Don Wilton’s sermon series Walking With God’s Giants from Genesis 15! (Message Number 1492 | Originally Preached August 5, 2018 | Airdate: September 16, 2018)


Walking with God’s Giants Part 1

Abraham Believed God Because:

1. He Was A Seeking Man
a. He Stopped
b. He Worshipped
c. He Listened

2. He Was A Giving Man
a. He Gave Of His Resources
b. He Gave Of His Kindness

3. He Was An Obedient Man
a. He Listened Carefully
b. He Acted Decisively

4. He Was A Tested Man
a. He Was Not Tested Differently Due To His Age
b. He Was Not Tested Minimally Due To His Status

5. He Was A Believing Man

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