Beginning God’s Way

Feb 13, 2022

Beginning God’s Way is so important to living a fulfilling life through Him. Learn how you can start with God in today’s message by Dr. Don Wilton from Nehemiah 1! (Daystar TV Airdate: February 13, 2022 | Message Number 1671 | Clarity Sermon Series)

Beginning God’s Way Sermon Notes:

What Nehemiah Did:

1. He embraced the right moment
2. He asked the right question
3. He listened to the people
4. He began the right way
a. He sat down
b. He wept
c. He mourned
d. He fasted
e. He prayed

What About Us?

1. Consider facts as they are
2. Consider the questions you ask
3. Consider the wisdom you seek
4. Consider the action you take

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