Bringing Back the Ark

Dec 27, 2020

How do we bring back the Ark of God in our lives today? Dr. Don Wilton has the answers in this powerful message straight from The Holy Bible, the Word of God, called “Bringing Back the Ark!” (Message number 1565 originally preached December 29, 2019)

December 29, 2019

Dr. Don Wilton


I Chronicles 13:1-4

Sermon Notes: 

  1. Consider Saul and David


  1. They both had God on their side
  2. They both had enormous potential
  3. They both had great support
  4. They both had their sin to deal with
  5. They both had choices to make


  1. How to bring back your Ark:


  1. Consider who you belong to
  2. Consider who your friends are
  3. Consider your commitment to Christ
  4. Consider your priorities
  5. Consider the choices you have to make

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