Children – The Legacy Continues Sermon

Jul 10, 2022

Watch Dr. Don Wilton’s Children – The Legacy Continues sermon, and discover the value children hold in our Creator’s eyes, and how they can shape our future!

Sermon Notes:

Title: Children – The Legacy Continues
Sermon Series: Carried Through
Scripture Source: Psalm 127 Verses 1-5
Daystar TV Airdate: July 10, 2022
Message Number: 1691

A Guarantee For The Future:

  1. The Lord builds the church


  1. Are a heritage from the Lord
  2. Are a sign from the Lord
  3. Are a guarantee from the Lord
  4. Make certain

The Role Of Parents:

  1. To birth
  2. To train
  3. To demonstrate
  4. To position
  5. To pray

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