Coming Back Home

May 28, 2017

Coming Back Home is a wonderful feeling. Dr. Don Wilton explores this in The Bible from Luke 15! (Daystar TV Network Airdate: May 28, 2017 | Originally Preached at First Baptist Spartanburg Church March 5, 2017 | Message Number 1418 | His Life My Life Sermon Series)

Coming Back Home Sermon Notes:

These Are The Facts:

1. He Left Home
2. He Squandered
3. He Ran Out
4. He Hired Out
5. He Gave Out
6. He Came To His Senses
7. He Came Back Home

What This Means For Those At Home:

1. Get Help Yourself
2. Show Unconditional Love
3. Keep Yourself Healthy
4. Show Conviction Not Compromise
5. Never Give Up
6. Don’t Feed But Keep Phone On
7. Fight From Your Knees

What This Means For Those Far Away

1. Stop
2. Listen
3. Turn
4. Start
5. See

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