Encouraging Word Sermon

Jun 27, 2021

Dr. Don Wilton shares an Encouraging Word sermon from The Holy Bible in Isaiah 26! (Divine Encounter Sermon Series | Message Number 1638 | Originally Preached at First Baptist Spartanburg Church Hangar May 23, 2021 | Daystar Television Network Airdate: June 27, 2021)

An Encouraging Word Sermon Notes:

1. God Is Still On His Throne
A. God Is King Over All The Earth
B. God Rules Over The Nations
C. God Is Seated On His Holy Throne

2. Jesus Is Still Savior Of The World
A. He Came To This Earth
B. He Died On A Cross For Our Sins
C. He Was Raised So That We Can Have Life

3. The Holy Spirit Is Still Our Greatest Resource
A. He Enters You
B. He Fills You
C. He Convinces You
D. He Guides You

4. Heaven Is Still Preparing To Come Down

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