Going After Jesus

Jul 2, 2017

As Christians, we are going after Jesus Christ. How can we do that? Dr. Don Wilton explains from the Bible in John 12! (Daystar TV Debut: July 2, 2017 | Originally Preached April 16, 2017 | Message Number 1424 | His Life My Life Sermon Series)

Going After Jesus Sermon Notes:

Three Groups Who Go After Him:

1. Those Who Know Him
2. Those Who Seek Him
3. Those Who Reject Him

Why Did They Go After Jesus? Because:

1. He Came As A Baby
2. He Lived As A Miracle Maker
3. He Died As A Lamb
4. He Rose As A Savior
5. He Ascended As A Promiser
6. He Is Coming Back As The Deliverer

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