Nehemiah: On Assignment for God

Nov 18, 2018

How could Dr. Don Wilton preach his Walking with God’s Giants sermon series without discussing Nehemiah who was on assignment for god? In this teaching from Nehemiah 1:1-11 from the Bible, Don Wilton delves into his legacy. (Message Number 1499 | Originally Preached September 23, 2018 | Airdate: November 18, 2018)


3 Things to do When God Calls

1. Listen
2. Consider Your Yes
3. Embrace God’s World

When God Called Nehemiah, He

1. Sat Down and Wept
2. Mourned, Fasted and Prayed
3. Affirmed the Greatness of God
4. Begged for God’s Attention
5. Confessed Sins
6. Acknowledged God’s Conditions
7. Interceded on Behalf of Others
8. Claimed God’s Favor

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