Neither Do I Condemn You

May 14, 2017

When God says “Neither Do I Condemn You”, what does He mean? Dr. Don Wilton explores in the Bible in John 7 and 8! (Daystar TV Network Airdate: May 14, 2017 | His Life My Life Sermon Series | Message Number 1416 | Originally Preached First Baptist Spartanburg Church March 19, 2021)

Neither Do I Condemn You Sermon Notes:

Four Facts About Sin:

1. All Have Sinned
2. The Least Qualified Will Condemn You
3. The Most Qualified Will Not Condemn You
4. The Holy Spirit Will Convict You

This Is What Happened:

1. Look At The Temple
2. Look At The Religious People
3. Look At The Law
4. Look At The Woman
5. Look At The Heart
6. Look At The Older People
7. Look At The Savior
A. Be Free Of Condemnation
B. Be Free Of Conviction

What Condemnation Does:

1. It Reminds
2. It Returns
3. It Grows
4. It Festers
5. It Destroys

What Conviction Does:

1. It Breaks
2. It Holds
3. It Calls
4. It Enables
5. It Makes

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