Our Struggle

Nov 8, 2020

We all face struggle in our day-to-day lives. How can God help us overcome “Our Struggle?” Dr. Don Wilton has the answer teaching from his local church of First Baptist Spartanburg in his full message “Our Struggle”, part 2 of his powerful sermon series “Fortified!” (Sermon #1610)

Fortified #2

Originally Preached November 8, 2020

Dr. Don Wilton


Ephesians 6:10-13

Sermon Notes:

Introduction:  Our world


  1. Look at (v.10)


  1. He is all we need
  2. He has all we need
  3. He gives all we need


  1. Consider who (v. 11)


  1. The reality of the devil
  2. The schemes of the devil


  1. Know what (v. 12)


  1. Satan acts himself
  2. Satan deputizes
  3. Satan assigns


  1. Be Fortified (v.11)

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