Our Ultimate Fortification

Nov 22, 2020

Our Ultimate Fortification
Ephesians 6:18-20

Originally Preached November 22, 2020
Dr. Don Wilton

Sermon Outline:

Why Our Ultimate Fortification

I. Because it is mandated

a. Unlimited access to God
b. Unrestricted words from God

II. Because it is powerful

a. You link up with God
b. You line up with God

III. Because it is inclusive

a. Includes all means by which to pray
b. Includes all postures through which to pray

IV. Because it is embracing

a. Every need
b. Every circumstance

V. Because it is watchful

a. Calls for spiritual watchfulness
b. Call for praying distractedness

VI. Because it is family

a. The means by which the church is strengthened
b. The method by which believers are encouraged

VII. Because it is specific


What is our ultimate fortification? It’s prayer! Do you struggle with your prayer life? Do you realize what a special gift from God that prayer is? Prayer gives us unlimited access to God! Listen as Dr. Wilton shares Biblical truths about our ultimate fortification: this most wonderful gift of prayer. (Message Number 1612)

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