Powerful Prayer

Oct 17, 2021

Dr. Don Wilton explores the meaning and importance of powerful prayer from Colossians 1 in today’s brand new message! (Daystar TV Airdate: October 17, 2021| Church Strong Sermon Series | Originally Preached First Baptist Spartanburg Church: September 5, 2021 | Message Number 1653)

Sermon Notes:

This Prayer Is An Affirmation:

1. Of Their Faith
2. Of Their Love
3. Of Their Hope
4. Of Their Fruit
5. Of Their Leadership

The Four Most Powerful Prayer Requests:

1. To Be Filled With The Knowledge Of His Will
2. To Live A Life Worthy Of The Lord
3. To Be Strengthened With All Power
4. To Be Thankful To The Father
A. He Has Qualified Us
B. He Has Included Us
C. He Has Rescued Us
D. He Has Forgiven Us

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