Praying The Impossible Sermon

Nov 6, 2022

In this powerful new sermon, Dr. Don Wilton explores what it means to pray the impossible from the book of Nehemiah in chapter 1!

Sermon Notes:

Title: Praying The Impossible
Sermon Series: Clarity
Scripture Source: Nehemiah 1 Verses 5-11
Message Number: 1674

Consider Nehemiah:

1. He acknowledged who God is
2. He begged God to listen
3. He spent time in prayer
4. He confessed the sins of the nation
5. He confessed his own sins
6. He remembered the promises of God
7. He presented the people of God
8. He believed God would do it
9. He affirmed his loneliness

What Does This Teach Us?

1. Begin with God
2. Cry out to the Lord
3. Keep praying
4. Confess sin
5. Don’t doubt God’s ability
6. Brag on others
7. Just believe
8. Do a heart check

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