Seeking Clarity

Feb 20, 2022

As Christians, we often find ourselves seeking clarity. But how do we find it? In this week’s new sermon, Dr. Don Wilton takes us to the Bible in Matthew 24 to discover more about what it means to find clarity.

Sermon Notes:

Title: Seeking Clarity
Sermon Series: Clarity Part 2
Scripture Source: Matthew 24:1-4
Message Number: 1672

The Statement Jesus Made:

1. Was pertinent to those people
2. Was referring to the future
3. Was guaranteed by His word

The Clarity They Looked For:

1. Took time to digest
2. Took listening to formulate
3. Took determination to ask
4. Took faith to trust

The Clarity They Received:

1. Be careful
2. Be watching
3. Be trusting
4. Be clear

Some Thoughts For You:

1. Celebrate Your Questions
2. Consider Who You Consult
3. Trust in the Lord
4. Engage

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