Standing on the Steps Sermon

Aug 7, 2022

Dr. Don Wilton’s Standing on the Steps sermon explores the faith and dedication the disciples and their reaction to Pentecost!

Sermon Notes:

Title: Standing on the Steps
Sermon Series: Carried Through
Scripture Source: Acts 2 Verses 14-47
Daystar TV Airdate: August 7, 2022
Message Number: 1696

The Setting:

  1. They were under pressure in their faith.
  2. They were uncertain of their future
  3. They were overwhelmed by Pentecost
  4. They were ready to lift their voices

The Message:

  1. The reality of the last days
  2. The certainty of the salvation
  3. The truth about Jesus

The Response:

  1. They devoted themselves to God’s Word
  2. They devoted themselves to Christian fellowship
  3. They devoted themselves to the Lord’s Supper
  4. They devoted themselves to prayer

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