Standing Strong in the Cross Currents

Jan 13, 2019

In this edition of The Encouraging Word from the Bible in Acts 17 Verse 15 through 34, Don Wilton delves into Paul and explains how he endured through adversity standing strong in the cross-currents.

As the cross-currents in our world seek to rage against us and our faith, we can stand strong knowing God is with us and that this is not our final destination. We can engage our world without fear. While at the same time, we can be engaged by it without compromising our faith.

Know what you believe and why you believe it. Be fully persuaded in your faith and in your convictions! You can Stand Strong in the face of adversity and persecution knowing that NOTHING shall separate you…

(Walking with God’s Giants Sermon Series | Originally Preached at First Baptist Spartanburg Church October 28, 2018 | Message Number 1504 | Daystar Television Network Airdate: January 13, 2019)


What Paul Did:

1. He was burdened by them
2. He recognized them
3. He engaged them
4. He connected with them
5. He spoke truth to them
6. He left them

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