The Final Authority Sermon

Jun 26, 2022

Dr. Don Wilton explores how the final authority of God trumps all in this new message from Colossians 1! (Daystar TV Airdate: June 26, 2022 | Church Strong Sermon Series | Originally Preached First Baptist Spartanburg Church August 29, 2021 | Message Number 1652)

The Final Authority Sermon Notes:

Their Strength Was Rooted In:
1. The Only Source Of Their Authority
A. Where It Comes From
B. Who It Is Vested In
C. What It Looks Like

2. The Only Standard By Which To Live
A. In Their Relationships With One Another
B. In Their Response To The Onslaught Of Paganism
C. In Their Understanding Of End Times
D. In Their Christian Conduct

3. The Only Solution Regardless of Public Opinion

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