The Gracious Hand Of God Sermon

Mar 20, 2022

On today’s new message with Dr. Don Wilton, our pastor dives into Nehemiah 2 to explore the power and meaning of “The Gracious Hand Of God!”

Sermon Notes:

Title: The Gracious Hand Of God
Sermon Series: Clarity
Scripture Source: Nehemiah 2 Verse 8
Daystar TV Airdate: March 20, 2022
Message Number: 1676

Consider Nehemiah:

1. No resources
2. No people
3. No influence
4. No protection
5. No prospect

What God wanted him to do:

1. Travel a long distance
2. Rally a desperate person
3. Cast a huge vision
4. Deal with ungodly opposition
5. Build an impossible wall
6. Encourage God-fearing people
7. Do what God was telling him to do

What God’s Gracious Hand Provided:

1. God’s favor
2. God’s timing
3. God’s provisions
4. God’s covenant
5. God’s abilities
6. Etc.

How To Ask God For His Gracious Hand:

1. Be very humble
2. Be very prayerful
3. Be very focused
4. Be very determined

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