The Heart Of A Child

Jul 11, 2021

The heart of a child is wonderful. Dr. Don Wilton explains what we can learn from that in this brand new sermon from Matthew 18! (Originally preached June 6, 2021 at First Baptist Spartanburg Church | Message Number 1640 | The Heart Of… Sermon Series | Daystar TV Airdate: July 11, 2021)

The Heart Of A Child Sermon Notes:

What Jesus Did:

1. He Responded
2. He Illustrated
3. He Applied

What Jesus Wanted:

1. He Wanted Us To See His Ultimate Creation
2. He Wanted Us To Feel His Warm Embrace
3. He Wanted Us To Understand His Complete Protection
4. He Wanted Us To Realize His Designated Responsibility

What Children Do:

1. They Feel When We Love
2. They Listen When We Pray
3. They Grow When We Teach
4. They Respond When We Listen
5. They Follow When We Lead
6. They Go When We Place

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