The Heart Of A Servant

Jul 18, 2021

In this new sermon, Dr. Don Wilton explores The Heart of A Servant and how Jesus wants us to serve according to The Holy Bible in Mark 10! (Daystar TV Network Airdate: July 18, 2021 | Message Number 1641 | The Heart Of Sermon Series | Originally Preached First Baptist Spartanburg Church June 13, 2021)

The Heart of a Servant Sermon Notes:

1. The Question They Asked
A. Their Effort To Interpert
B. Their Desire For Status

2. The Explanation They Received
A. You Are Not Jesus
B. You Are Not God

3. The Command They Were Given
A. Have The Right Heart
B. Have The Right Motive
C. Have The Right Position

4. The Example They Witnessed
A. He Relinquished His Position
B. He Ransomed His Life

5. Why Jesus Told Us To Serve
A. To Experience Peace And Joy
B. To Discover And Develop Gifts
C. To Feel The Warmth Of Other Believers
D. To See How God Works
E. To Be Blessed By Being A Blessing

6. Four Things To Do:
A. Determine To Be Obedient
B. Pray To Be Engaged
C. Identify To Be A Part
D. Serve To Be A Servant

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