The Never God Sermon

May 8, 2022

In Dr. Don Wilton’s The Never God sermon, learn about God’s powerful promises to Noah, and how Noah stayed faithful during incredibly difficult times!

Sermon Notes:

Title: The Never God
Sermon Series: Carried Through
Scripture Source: Genesis 8 Verses 15-21
Daystar TV Airdate: May 8, 2022
Message Number: 1683

Look At Noah:

1. Where he was
A. His world
B. His assignment
2. What he did
A. He boarded
B. He sailed
C. He waited
3. When he arrived
A. He came out
B. He built
C. He heard

For God To Carry You Through

1. Accept where you are
2. Do what God tells you to do
3. Anticipate answered prayer
4. Don’t just walk away

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