The Trade of Sacrifice

Jul 4, 2021

The Trade of Sacrifice is the ultimate gift. In this new sermon perfect for Independence Day, Dr. Don Wilton explains this powerful, self-sacrificial trade. (Originally Preached at First Baptist Spartanburg Church Memorial Day May 30, 2021 | Daystar TV Network Airdate: July 4, 2021 | Message Number 1639)

The Trade of Sacrifice Sermon Notes:

We Remember Those Who:

A. Gave Up Their Seats
B. Put On The Uniform
C. Departed To Serve
D. Traded For Freedom

What Does His Sacrifice Mean?

1. He Gave Up His Seat
2. He Delivered Over His Body
3. He Poured Out His Life
4. He Settled His Love
5. He Traded His Sacrifice

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