This Wonderful Jesus

Apr 9, 2017

What is it about this wonderful Jesus that we worship and owe our salvations to? Dr. Don Wilton explores this in a powerful Bible sermon from Acts 2! (Daystar TV Network Airdate: January 14, 2018 | His Life My Life Sermon Series | Message Number 1410)

This Wonderful Jesus Sermon Notes:

Three Categories Of People:

1. Jesus Belittlers
2. Jesus Blasphemers
3. Jesus Believers

Peter Stands Up And Affirms:

1. Jesus Did All The Miracles
2. Jesus Is The One Who Died
3. Jesus Came Back To Life
4. Jesus Was Seen
5. Jesus Went Back To Heaven
6. Jesus Can Give Life To Everyone

Look What Happened:

1. They Were Cut To The Heart
2. They Were Full Of Questions
3. They Were Told What They Needed To Do
4. They Were Given The Promise
5. They Were Urged To Respond

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