What Only God Can Do Sermon

Jul 3, 2022

Watch Dr. Don Wilton’s What Only God Can Do Sermon, and discover how much we can entrust to God in our daily lives!

Sermon Notes:

Title: What Only God Can Do
Sermon Series: Carried Through
Scripture Source: 2 Samuel 7:8-16
Daystar TV Airdate: July 3, 2022
Message Number: 1691

Only God:

  1. Can turn a nobody into a somebody
  2. Can be everywhere all the time
  3. Can prevent enemy attacks
  4. Can protect God-fearing people
  5. Can raise up children well
  6. Can love regardless
  7. Can guarantee the future

Here Is What To Take Away Today:

  1. Do your part
  2. Don’t worry
  3. Be encouraged
  4. Make certain

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