When God’s Will Becomes Clear Sermon

Nov 20, 2022

How should we respond once we know what God wants us to do? Discover the answer to this and more from God’s Word in the “When God’s Will Becomes Clear” sermon from Dr. Don Wilton.

Sermon Notes:

Title: When God’s Will Becomes Clear
Sermon Series: Clarity
Scripture Source: Nehemiah 2 Verses 11-20
Daystar TV Airdate: April 3, 2022
Message Number: 1678

When God’s Will Became Evident:

1. He went to Jerusalem
2. He spent time there
3. He strategized with leaders
4. He did his homework
5. He gathered everyone together
6. He called for their blessing
7. He answered the opponents
8. He pointed everything to the God of Heaven

How To Engage God’s Will:

1. Be present
2. Be engaged
3. Be detailed
4. Be mindful
5. Be inclusive
6. Be honoring
7. Be trusting

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