The Urgency

We are in a spiritual battle for the souls of people.

As the culture in our present world continues to rail against the Gospel of Jesus Christ, we know, God is at work. He continues to rescue, restore, and refresh people through this ministry.

There is a harvest of people crying out for help from whatever circumstance they find themselves in. There is a son, a daughter, a grandchild, a parent, a brother or sister, friend or relative that is lost and disconnected…lost without Christ and disconnected from loved ones and the Word of God. Is there an urgency to go after One More?…Yes!! Is there an urgency to encourage, challenge, and refresh believers on the Christian journey?…Yes!!  

Together, in this time of great spiritual need, fear, upheaval and confusion in our world, we can impact lives, families, and communities by making Jesus Christ known in present and future generations.

By partnering with us, your financial support (no matter how small) helps to fuel all the ways in which the gospel is proclaimed. Thank you for praying about supporting us.


To reach all people for Christ by all means possible.


God’s Word as absolute truth. The local New Testament church. The souls of all people.


Sharing God’s Truth with a searching world.