Erasing Jesus


We are at a critical time in our nation. Intolerance towards Christianity is rising. Religious freedom in America is under an ever-increasing attack like never before. Fierce attacks are occurring all across our land in the public arena, the schoolhouse of education, churches, ministries and in the military. Even though the number of attacks has risen, the good news is that the Word of God has not changed! Good will always triumph over evil. We cannot close our eyes and ears to what is going on in our world. We must press on to share the gospel by all means available.

Erasing Jesus will equip you on how to respond to a world intolerant to Jesus Christ. You will be empowered as you see the world through the eyes of Jesus, and be able to stand strong in your faith no matter what comes without fear.

4 DVD messages include: Responding to a World Without Christ, The Church in a World Without Christ, Sharing Truth in a World Without Christ, and Leadership in a World Without Christ.

2 CD messages include: When Jesus Comes into the Picture and Who is Jesus?