Experience the Ultimate Life 2 Messages


Pastor Don Wilton wants to encourage you and strengthen your faith with his sermon series, Experiencing the Ultimate Life. This two-CD series includes the sermons:

Ultimate Power – When Jesus left an empty tomb behind, He displayed the ultimate power to mankind! His resurrection power makes it possible for us to be freed from sin and live an eternity with Him. Find out how God has made it possible for you to fill your heart and life with the ultimate power of Jesus… that will lead you to the ultimate life of faith! Ultimate Peace – Peace is hard to come by these days! There is just so much bad news. But in the midst of it all, the “Author of Perfect Peace” wants you to find rest in Him. Jesus’ journey to the cross was the ultimate example of peace in the midst of trial, trouble and pain… and His death and resurrection have made it possible for you to garner the strength from above to find peace and purpose for every day.