Free Indeed


We are a free people.

As an American citizen, I have a deep appreciation for the freedoms that I have. I fear sometimes that in the United States of America many people take this far too lightly. They think that our freedoms are negotiable and sadly, try to remove them. I cannot support any of that. This is a great nation.

Our nation is not perfect; no nation is. America has weathered many storms, yet always remained resilient! Our Founding Fathers understood that everything that we have and everything that we are is rooted in all that God is, and without Him, we’re on our own.

As we prepare to celebrate Independence Day, I want to encourage you to join with believers all across the United
States of America to pray for our nation. We need Jesus! Our nation needs Jesus! Jesus Christ is the Savior of the

With your gift of support to The Encouraging Word, I will send you a copy of my message Free Indeed. This teaching will encourage you to celebrate the values that seem to be lost in our great nation. You will experience the heart of Jesus for our nation and you will learn how to intercede for our nation.

I cannot tell you how important you are to me and to The Encouraging Word. Your support and prayers fuel me to do
God’s will in this world. Thank you for requesting copies of Free Indeed and 31 Days of Prayer to share with your
friends, family and neighbors. In times like these, people need to be encouraged to remember that … we are a free
people. We are free indeed! – Dr. Don Wilton