God Says It’s Worth It


How long have you prayed for someone you love to come to know Christ? How many hours have you spent preparing to teach a Sunday school class only to be disappointed by the turn-out or response to your lesson? Or perhaps you’re a parent who “burns the midnight oil” praying and waiting for your beloved child to turn from his rebellious ways…don’t give up! Your prayers and efforts are not in vain. They are not empty. Whatever you do for Jesus Christ is worth it every time! In his sermon, God Says It Is Worth It! Dr. Don Wilton shares from the testimony of the apostle Paul why it is worth it to suffer for the Lord and how your life will be blessed as a result. If you are tired of pouring your heart out in sincerity yet feeling like a failure when all is said and done, don’t lose heart! Let God’s Word encourage you as you begin to understand His purpose and plan.