Going After Jesus


Everybody is looking for what only Jesus can do. Everybody wants peace. Everybody wants joy. Everyone wants forgiveness. Everyone wants to be whole. Everyone wants meaning in life. Everyone wants their life to matter. Everyone wants to know what happens when we die. Everyone is looking for what the Bible tells us Jesus can deliver.

Are you someone who is seeking after Jesus? He pursues us on this journey called life to draw us closer to Him. Go after Jesus! You can trust Him with your life.

I want to send you a very special resource: Going After Jesus. You will gain great insight as you learn about those who pursued God and those who rejected Him. You will be refreshed and inspired to pursue the God who has and is pursing you.

I cannot wait to share this dynamic and encouraging message with you. As we begin our journey together in 2019, I want you to know that your prayers, your financial sacrifice and your personal participation in the ministries of The Encouraging Word are changing lives for eternity. – Dr. Don Wilton