One Nation Under God 2 Messages


God has blessed America. He is speaking to us and to this generation. When God speaks, we cannot stay the same especially when God has given us an assignment to do. We cannot continue business as usual. I believe the greatest challenge facing us today and tomorrow is the call to step out and the call to speak up for the Lord Jesus Christ! Many of us have become such a cheering section at ballgames and other events in America, but as soon as it comes to the things of God the silence is deafening. Lest we forget, what God has done for us! Lest we forget, what our Founding Fathers have done for our Nation! Lest we forget, what our military has done and is doing for us! Lest we forget, God’s business of saving and delivering people. Lest we forget, God’s mission for us regardless of our age, status in life or physical condition. God forbid that we forget!