Standing In The Gap


The Bible reminds us that Satan walks about seeking whom he may devour. Do you know that includes your grandchildren?

God is always speaking. He speaks to us through His Word, through friends and family and circumstances – the happenings of our lives. He also speaks to us through His Spirit. In other words, God knows how to get a word to us to make us aware of a situation that needs prayer or help. Just as God led Abraham … He will also lead you.

God used Abraham to make a difference. Just as He used Abraham, He can also use you. You and I so often use our sins as an excuse not to serve Christ. Rather we should first lay down our sins at the altar of God’s mercy and pick up the righteousness of God in Christ Jesus. Then He will use us.

God can use you to make a difference in the lives of your grandchildren. They are a part of your legacy. You might say, “But pastor, I don’t have any grandchildren.” If you take a look at our world, you don’t have to look very far to find children who need prayer to make a spiritual impact in their lives.

Yes, Abraham made a huge difference. It is amazing what God did through one person’s life, and God fulfilled every promise. One of the things that I love about the Lord Jesus is the He has a special place in His heart when it comes to children. He used children to show us the simplicity of salvation.

Do you sense this urgency? We are in a spiritual battle for the souls of generations. Evil runs rampant in the streets and is constantly poured out through the airwaves and on television to seduce the lives of young people. How much greater is the Word of God to further impact lives, families and communities? There is power in prayer. Prayer changes everything!

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Dr. Don Wilton