The Safeguards of Our Faith 4 Messages


If there is anything that the devil would like to do in America, it is to divide the Christian community, and he is succeeding. In this new normal, God is being defined and re-defined by every culture, person, nationality, and country. The new normal today is trying to seduce us including our children into a world that contradicts everything that God does in and through the Lord Jesus Christ. How do we as believers hold firm? How do we press on?

We press on by resting in the safeguards of our faith. This is about your knowing and believing in who God is and what He has promised you. When you have a history of His faithfulness and deliverances deep-rooted in your heart and spirit, you can walk boldly and unflinchingly through the midst of trouble. Why? Because God is with you! He has proven Himself to you. – Dr. Don Wilton