Trusting God


I want to speak to you today about trusting God’s Word.

When Jesus comes, every eye will see Him, even those who crucified Jesus and those who mocked the name of Jesus. Atheists who claim there is no God, agnostics, people of every religion, every political affiliation, and every nation will be at His coming.

My friend, do not be shocked, aghast or surprised at what’s going on in America today. There is spiritual warfare going on like we’ve never experienced. We had better wake up America!

Billy Graham said, “I do not understand everything in God’s Word, but I trust everything in God’s Word.” We can’t afford not to pay attention to these things such as the urgency of knowing Christ and the urgency of believing what He says. Yes, like Billy Graham, I don’t understand it all but I believe it all because God said it!

Thank you for your prayers! Thank you for standing with us! – Dr. Don Wilton