When Your Spiritual Priorities Are Set


Life is busy! We have so much to do every day that it is easy to push God to the backburner.  In his sermon, When You Spiritual Priorities are Set, Dr. Wilton will show you how to be a viable member of a winning team.  You can’t just sit on the sidelines! Setting spiritual priorities will help you focus… it will motivate your actions…and it will enhance your vision. Dr. Wilton will show you how developing your prayer life, proclaiming Jesus and taking each opportunity God gives you to experience Him to the fullest will breath new energy, vision and purpose into your life.  In his sermon, When Your  Prayers Have Purpose, he goes a step further, teaching you how to pray with purpose each and every time you approach the throne of Grace.  You will learn that when your prayers have purpose your motive dictates your posture, your theology drives your conviction, and your desire directs your heart. (2 Messages)