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Montly Offer: The Confident Assurance of Salvation

Monthly Offer

There is no doubt that this new normal of Covid-19 has ushered in a gamut of dramatic emotions. Some days we wake up and feel terrific. Other days we feel as though the whole world is falling apart.

Are you looking for the assurance of safety, life, well-being, and provision as you work through the uncertainties of life? Throughout the world, people from every walk of life have struggled with these questions:

What is salvation? Am I saved? Can I lose my salvation? Will I go to heaven? What happens when I sin?

Both of these ministry resources will help you answer these questions and will radically transform your life for all eternity. Be confident. Be secure.

This Month's Exclusive Offer:

The Confident Assurance of Salvation

  • DVD
  • CD

Totally Secure

  • Don Wilton
  • Paperback
  • 147 Pages

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  • Price includes S/H

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